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Anthony Bloomfield was a photographer on the Gripsholm 1974 until its final transatlantic voyage from New York. This included two cruises around South America, many Carribean cruises and some European cruises.

Please help us to identify the persons in the photos.

Please email us if you can identify persons whose names aren't noted below the pictures. If you recognize yourself or a relative, and in any way are offended by the picture being published, please send an email and the picture will be removed.

Folk dancers on a South America cruise.
Lis Brokmose has identified Lille Kjelle decksteward, Ann Ekholm stewardess on B-deck, Gisela Meyer stewardess on A-deck,
Lasse Bageren, Trykkerdronningen Ingegerd Lilja, Christer Sjökvist deck steward and Birgitta Palmer stewardess on B-deck.

Neptune's gang of pirates for the crossing of the Equator ceremony on 28th January 1975.

Gripsholm musicians on deck arriving in Rio de Janero.
From left: Orchestra leader George Nistor, Rune Stålspets, Sven Sjöholm, Erik Sjöholm, Christian with camera.
On the far right: Erik Lihm, and beside him
Gunnar (last name to be added).

Helmut Bretmeister has identified: Josef Grilz , Volker Rolloff , Jean Claude Couty, (... name to be added).

Crew entertainers.
Cabaret was one of the favorite numbers performed at that time.
Lis Brokmose has identified several people in this photo: The girls from right: Birgitta Heikki, Rosalie from the Beauty Parlor,
no.4 Gisela stewardess on B-deck. Then Gerd Mårtenson stewardess on B-deck.

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