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Carl-Gustaf Edhardt's Page

Carl-Gustaf Edhardt was an Assistant Deck Steward on the Gripsholm 1965 - 1967.
Over the years, C G Edhardt has contributed quite a few photos to this site.
His collection is assembled here.

The Gripsholm of 1957.

This is a photo of a model of the Gripsholm that Carl-Gustaf has acquired in 2010, with a Gripsholm postcard as a backdrop. The model is built by the German model maker Risawoleska. The scale is 1:1250, i.e. the length of the model is 15,5 cm. The model was purchased through the retailer Galerie Maritim in Hamburg.



Carl-Gustaf Edhardt and Manhattan in the mid-sixties.

Gripsholm World Cruise decorative stamp.

The 1966 Around the World Cruise.

Cruise members at a pre-dinner cocktail with Captain Sölje.
Carl-Gustaf Edhardt in the background.

Diving for coins tossed from the Gripsholm in the West Indies.
This was in 1966.

The crew's view of the bridge.

The crew tanning off Grenada.
The forward deck was the crew's leisure area.

Carl-Gustaf Edhardt in cabin 78 on C-deck,
sometimes called Club 78, because of all the
partying going on. Lasse Nydén took this photo on
November 26, 1965, somewhere in the West Indies.

Gripsholm in the Panama Canal.

Gripsholm in Hongkong 1966

Gripsholm in Honolulu 1966.

A book that was presented to passengers and crew upon arrival.
"Free copy for M/S Gripsholm"

The Gripsholm cruise staff, deck stewards and waiters,
all set to serve and entertain at Mrs Rockefeller's Hawaiian party 1966
Mrs Rockefeller in center of front row.
Also seated in the front row, second from right: Cruise Manager Herb Colcord,
next: Dance Instructor Marlene Pekala, whose husband Michael is sitting to the left of
Mrs Rockefeller.
How many persons can you name? Please email salship@yahoo.com.

Photo contributed by Asst. Deck Steward Carl-Gustaf Edhardt, on the far left in white jacket
Lars Persson, Main Lounge waiter, has let us know that he is in the last row wearing a red shirt.
L-O Rydén, SAL enthusiast in Göteborg, has identified his grandfather,
Bertil Bärgström, in white steward jacket, standing second from left in this picture.

Sven Fürst, Crew Purser/Cashier Gripsholm 1965-1968, has identified two persons.
The person behind Marlene is Erik Frostenius, Chief Steward.
The person behind Michael Pekala is Hans Petter Peterson, Night Steward.

Kent Roos, of Kristianstad, has identified Deck Steward Bo Skogsfors, from Reftele, Småland, and later Lund,
standing second from right. Kent and Bo mustered on the Gripsholm in May 1962,

Gripsholm tender.

MS Rotterdam in the backgound?
Contributed by Carl-Gustaf Edhardt

Contributed by Carl-Gustaf Edhardt

Sun Deck, where Carl-Gustaf Edhardt worked.

Far from the West Indies.

No sunbathing today!

Pier 97, North River, at the end of West 57th Street
in New York, where the SAL ships docked.

See more photos of Pier 97 here.


Gripsholm bookmark


Luggage tag

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A Tribute to the Swedish American Line
The White Viking Fleet - 100 Year Anniversary 2015
25 Years on the Internet