A Tribute to the Swedish American Line
The White Viking Fleet - 100 Year Anniversary 2015
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Stockholm of 1948

Luggage sticker Stockholm #3 Suitcase with stickers
Stockholm 1948-1960
The only SAL passenger ship built at a Swedish shipyard was the Stockholm. She was contructed at Götaverken, Göteborg in 1948. While in SAL service, the Stockholm carried 103,145 transatlantic passengers and 9,226 cruise passengers.

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Original name: MS Stockholm
Shipyard: Götaverken, Göteborg, Sweden
Year: 1948
Tons: 12,165
No of passengers: 390
Delivered to SAL: 1948
Sold: 1960
Sold to: East Germany

Italia Prima
Valtur Prima

Today: Still sailing as Azores


The Disaster

On July 25, 1956, at 2300 hrs, the disastrous collision between the Stockholm and the Italian liner Andrea Doria occured, east of Nantucket, about 200 miles from New York. The Andrea Doria and, with her, 46 of her passengers, went to the bottom of the sea 10 hours after the collision. Five crew members were killed on the Stockholm.

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From the Dawe collection

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Stockholm of 1948
Stockholm 1948-1960.

  Extending across the whole width of the ship, the First Class Lounge spearheads the distinctive public rooms on Verandah Deck.  
The Dining Rooms on the Stockholm have that particular combination of grand spaciousness and cozy intimacy which makes every meal a festive occasion. A glass painting representing the arrival of Swedish pioneers at Delaware decorates on of the walls.
Staterooms are cheerfully designed in light color schemes. All rooms, in Tourist as well as First Class, have comfortable outside locations - in fact the Stockholm was the first modern transatlantic passenger liner to be provided with outside staterooms throughout.  
The Tourist Class Lounge is the largest public room on the Stockholm. The natural wood of its decor and its comfortable contemporary furniture give this favorite meeting place aboard a rare elegance.
The Stockholm's Indoor Swimming Pool, filled with tangy temperate ocean water lets you enjoy summer pleasures the year round. Of course, there are also steam baths, and massage rooms. Just the place to keep you in the pink of condition.

Stockholm deckplan

Mrs Valerie Kajiwara has contributed these pictures from a crossing on the Stockholm 1956, with the following message: I was a passenger on the Stockholm in the spring or summer of 1956.  It had taken my mother, sister and I on the voyage to Sweden before it struck the Andrea Doria.  As a result of the accident, my family and I had to fly home on Panam. One photo shows my sister and I, (then ages 6 and 7) dancing on the floor of the Stockholm Our names on the passenger list would be Valerie and Vivian Vita. I'm the one pictured on the left in both photos.

log log
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Mr George Mills has kindly contributed these
pages of his father's log from Atlantic crossings
on the Stockholm April 20-29 and June 2-12, 1954.
April 25, 1954 - Smooth sea
Sunday, Church Services 11 A.M.
Very mild on deck. Another day of record speed.
Last night our port-hole was closed up - expected storm never materialized.
Shot clay pigeons on deck.
Movie in the afternoon - Charlie McCarthy
Movie in evening - Houdini
Clocks set ahead 60 minutes
Sunny and warm most of day
April 26, 1954 - Moderate sea, overcast
Last night at 3.30 A.M. crew closed port hole because of gale. Ship rolled a lot.
I did not sleep.
Children's party at 3 P.M.
Farewell Dinner tonight
Clocks set ahead 60 minutes
Warm on deck
Passed our 2nd ship - Kungsholm at 4.45 P.M.  
Berthing card Seating card
Contributed by George Mills


A Tribute to the Swedish American Line
The White Viking Fleet - 100 Year Anniversary 2015
25 Years on the Internet