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Claes Feder

Architect and ship designer of the M/S Kungsholm IV (1966)

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Paintings and illustrations

Texts by Hans "Hasse" Gustafsson and Tommy Stark.

Claes Feder.

A cargo ship painting by Claes Feder. It is not known whether or not this particular design materialized into a real ship that sailed the seas. According to his daughters, Claes always had several projects running simultaneously, drawing and painting ships - which some of them never got further than the drawing board whereas others, as we know, materialized with honours!


A passenger ship painting by Claes Feder, with SAL funnel emblems and a SAL flag, presumably inspired by the third Kungsholm (1953).

A very detailed cross section design of an early model of the Kungsholm.


A SAL Liner with no name, painted by Claes Feder in 1952, with obvious similarity in design to the Kungsholm of 1953.


A view of the bridge as a modern workplace full of activity. An undated painting by Claes Feder with a ship’s name, impossible to read, jotted along with his signature in the low right corner.

från bryggan på MS? "D...?"

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Undated arctic landscape painting. Of Claes Feder’s many paintings this one clearly bears the perspective and technique of a trained architect.


This painting by Claes Feder is dated 1954, and has some very interesting details, probably experienced by the artist himself when working onboard. The theme is well known by anyone who has been on a World or South Sea’s cruise: The Kungsholm is mooring on anchor in a tropical port of call. The ship attracts a multitude of locals who are trading their handicraft and souvenirs with the crew, sending the merchandise up to crew members on the prow (and to a port hole) in baskets in exchange for some dollars when the baskets return down to their canoes again.

Detail from the painting.


Swedish Lloyd’s M/S Patricia, built in 1951, and painted by Claes Feder the same year. His daughters explain that Claes would sometimes undertake jobs on request to paint ships from other shipping companies.


This painted ship model by Claes Feder had the working name “SALHOLM” in the design phase, and then became renamed KUNGSHOLM in 1965/66.


This is an undated painting by Claes Feder, possibly depicting a Portuguese harbor.


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